WELLAND Red Oak Flush Mount Floor Register Vents With Frame,Unfinished Wood Vents.


It is designed to lay flat with the surface of the wood flooring, provides two way diffusion and is the preferred style for sand and finish hardwood floors where an architecturally smooth look is desired. Each frame is grooved on the outside to accommodate most 3/4” tongue and groove flooring. It is recommended that this floor register be installed during the installation of your hardwood floor, while the use in traffic area is not recommended.


Material: Solid Wood
Finishing: Unfinished, You can paint according to the floor color.
Design Bi-directional louvered 
Style Flush-mount vent
Wood Type: Red Oak Wood (Click here to know more about the species)
Thickness: 3/4(0.75)Inch
Weight Up to 3lb(Depend on the product size)
Installation Type: Floor
Application: Wall registers, wood registers, air registers, heat registers, register covers

**Colour may vary slightly based on the underlying wood product**

Fit duct sizes opening Available :

2¼" x 10"( 4.5" x 12" x 0.75" overall ) 4" x 10"( 6.75" x 11.375" x 0.75" overall ) 6" x 10"( 9" x 12.75" x 0.75" overall )
2¼" x 12"( 4.5" x 14.125" x 0.75" overall ) 4" x 12"( 6.75" x 13.5" x 0.75" overall ) 6" x 12"( 9" x 14.75" x 0.75" overall )
2¼" x 14"( 4.5" x 16.375" x 0.75" overall ) 4" x 14"( 6.75" x 16.625" x 0.75" overall ) 6" x 14"( 9" x 16.75" x 0.75" overall )

How To Measure:


  • Measure the size of the duct opening. Do not measure your current floor register.
  • Note: you must measure the size of the duct opening

Easy to Install

Flush models nestle into a wood frame manufactured to fit the duct opening and installed along with new flooring or are retrofit into an existing floor. The frame is nailed into place, while the register unit itself can be lifted out for cleaning.
-The floor vent cover face is flush with the floor surface and can be equipped with an optional damper whose airflow control thumbwheel is recessed to make sweeping and vacuuming easy.

Flush mount installation image

Metal damper installation image

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Frequently Asked Question(FAQ) & Answer: 

Question: it says it's "flush-mounted". So why would it stick out?
Answer: Our flush mounts go into the floor and become flush with it when installed properly. The self-rimming vents stick up from the floor.

Question: What is the thickness of the product?
Answer: 3/4 Inch(0.75")

Question: Do these have dampers?
Answer: No, but you can buy from our website

Question: Do they come prestained or do you stain then yourself?
Answer: Flush mounts are unfinished, but you can paint according to the color of the floor.

Still any Question Then please free to contact us. We are always happy to answer your question! AS WE LOVE QUESTIONS :)

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