Cube Shelf Decorating Idea: Create a look that will make you proud

Cube Shelf Decorating Idea: Create a look that will make you proud

At times simple is considered better. Whether you are looking towards removing the clutter from the floor and organize the valuables in the house in some semblance and display them making a design statement, a cube shelf is an appropriate answer.

A cube shelf offers a versatile and an affluent way to create some extra space in any home or office. Perhaps cube shelves, these days are the most sought after object that people are turning to. Because of its efficiency and modern looks along with its use in any room holding almost everything from kid’s toys to books and decorative, cube shelves are becoming a more preferred choice. These modular cube shelves allows its user more flexibility in terms of usage and design.

May be because of its growing demands or may be creativity coming into play, cube shelves are available in variety of features, sizes, designs and styles. You have the cube wooden shelves, or the wire cube shelves and the wall mounted ones to choose from as per your need and choice.

Let’s look at some great decorative ideas with these versatile cube shelves.

Cube shelf of kid’s storage

A good cubby shelving is a good idea for storing everything for your little one. a starry wallpaper contrasting a stripped bin is really a neat and organized look for a kids room. Ornamental boxed placed neatly in the cube shelve along with other display boxes and objects will certainly give the entire room a more polished and decorated feel.

Bright plastic shelves can act as an ascent and compliment the rooms colour. They can also be assigned for easier tasks like holding your kid’s toys, books and drawing articles. Also, you need not have to limit your bigger cube shelve to your drawing space. Bigger ones can also hold family photos and trinkets in your baby’s room.

Cube shelf as Nightstands

Being versatile in nature, cube shelves can be placed in place of many other furnishings like nightstands. These cubes look better than conventional nightstands, as they do not look bulky and you will be able to display accessories along with your extra bed sheets and blankets inside them. Anything can on top of the shelf like a night lamp or your reading glasses.

Cube shelf Home Bar

It is always a challenging task to organize a home bar. It needs a lot of space and quite a bit of furnishing for a complete look, and still you are unsatisfied. A cube shelf home bar is a great idea with glasses, plates and of course your drinks bottles. It makes for a perfect entertainment corner in your house.

It is always a great idea to use cube shelves for home bar in a small apartment. Just treat it as a console and place it along the wall to avoid obstructions. A few items like a candle holder or a vase or a planter can add a touch of flair to the whole concept.

Cube shelf storage for every room

As you by now know that cube shelves can virtually be used everywhere, doing a room divider with it is a great idea. A small and some attractive little thing used to create a division between your drawing and dining space is a great way to give an intimate look to your whole decor.

 These are few great decorative ideas that you can DIY with cube shelves. There are many other ways to use them in your home or office space and create a look that makes you proud and other jealous.

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