WELLAND Red Oak Baseboard Diffuser Wall Register Unfinished

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The beautiful triangular baseboard diffusers are available in 15-inch, 18-inch, and 24-inch length. Solid red oak with Louvered faceplate design. Removable faceplate for easy installation. Unfinished and ready to stain to match your home’s decor. You can accommodate vent opening in the wall or floor.


Finish: Unfinished 
Material: Solid Wood
Style: Louvered Style
Product Type:  Baseboard Diffuser
Wood Types: Solid Red Oak Wood (Click here to know more about the species)
Sizes available: 15 L x 3.5 W x 4.5 H inches
18 L x 3.5 W x 4.5 H inches
24 L x 3.5 W x 4.5 H Inches
Installation Type: Floor, accent carpeting, wood, laminate, and resilient flooring

Premium quality material
Directs airflow, compatible with cooling and heating
Tips: Easy to assemble
**Colour may vary slightly based on the underlying wood product**

Easy to Install:

To determine the correct size to order, measure the size of the DUCT OPENING ( Not the old vent itself ).

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Frequently Asked Questions( FAQ) & Answers.

Question: Is this item supposed to be a single piece? Does it seem the "detachable" faceplate is the entire package?
Answer: You get two pieces. The back mounts to the wall, and you also get the detachable faceplate.

Question: Is the bottom projection 3 1/2" or 4 1/2"?
Answer: 3-1/2". If that is still too big, you can cut it down.

Question: Are the vents 100% oak?
Answer: Yes, 100% oak.

Question: Can I install this with the 4.5-inch edge on the bottom (width) and 3.5 inches on the back (height)?
Answer: No, the opening is on the narrow side for airflow.

Question: Is this item for the vent on the wall or floor?
Answer: It fits against the wall (in between baseboard) and sits on the floor.

Question: I don't see where the vent can be closed-- is this right?
Answer: Yes, it can close. Remove the front (it snaps on and off) and you will see a tab that will release a 'closer'.

Question: Does this go above the finished floor or do I cut the floor around it?
Answer: It sets on top of the floor.

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