WELLAND 9 Inch Outside Hanging Solid Bird House Birdfeeder with Plastic Cup and Suet Holder Cages

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🐦【Bird Feeders for Outside】: Made of 100% natural pine wood, durable and strong; Eco-friendly and safe. Approx. size: 9.25"(L) x 5.9"(D) x 11.8"(H); Wood Cages: 5.9"(L) x 2.7"(D) x 7"(H); Plastic Cup: 5oz.
🐦【Better Design】: The bird feeder comes with 1 plastic cup for storing seeds or water, the wooden cage on the side can hold bread or suet. Clear cup design, you can clearly see the seeds & water and know when to refill the container again.
🐦【Birds House】: A residence for birds. In bad weather, birds can enter the birdhouse to avoid wind and rain, giving them a warm home.
🐦【Suet Cage】: This bird feeder is easy to add food, just remove the wooden cage on the side, and then hang it on the bird rack after loading the food, and easy to cleaning.
🐦【Large Birds Feeder】: The bird feeder is assembled, it can be hung on a tree or mounted on a stake to attract wild birds to your garden with this decorative bird feeder.

The bird feeder can easily be hung from sturdy tree branches in your garden with a hemp rope, they can attract birds and adorn your garden; Or hanging from a sturdy branch in an outdoor forest, use them to create a home for lonely birds. they can stay briefly on the bird feeder to escape the rain and snow, giving them a warm home.

WELLAND Solid Wood Bird Feeder

Friendly and Warmth

To make the Wooden Bird House last for a long period of time, the house is recommended to be sealed or painted before being exposed to humidity or high humidity temperatures, use water-repellent paint when you beautify it. This type of paint will not just make it more attractive, it will also not make the water easily penetrate the material, your bird feeder will use last longer.

  • Material: Pinewood
  • Size:
  • Wood Cage: 5.9"(L) x 2.7"(D) x 7"(H)
  • Brid Feeder: 9.25"(L) x 5.9"(D) x 11.8"(H)
  • Plastic Cup: 5oz/ Caliber: 2.8“
  • Package Included:
  • 1 x Brid Feeder
  • 1 x Plastic Cup




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