WELLAND Dual Monitor Stand Riser with 2 Drawers, Screen Stand with Adjustable Length and Angle, Desktop Organizer Stand, 23.6-45"(W) x 8.7"(D) x 5.5"(H), White

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  • 💻High-quality MDF | 23.6-45"(W) x 8.7"(D) x 5.5"(H) | Perfect for monitors, laptops, TVs, media speakers, etc.
  • 💻Adjustable & Movable: The monitor stand comes with 3 parts! You can move it to any angles/positions you need! The length of the dual monitor stand ranges from 23.6" to 45"!
  • 💻Ergonomic Design: Elevate your monitor screen by 5.5 inches with our monitor stand, you can elevate your computer screen to a comfortable sight level, reducing neck and eye strain while providing a better viewing experience.
  • 💻Useful & Orderly: The monitor stand can hold 2 monitors! It may be an ideal choice when you need multiple computers to work together. With 3 storage spaces under the monitor stand, plus 2 drawers, you can organize some office supplies and keep your desk in order.
  • 💻Unique Details: Metal retainers have been added to both sides of the stand riser to prevent the side panels from sliding out when you change the angle, ensuring the safety of your monitor/laptop/TV.
Dual Monitor Stand Riser


Size: 23.6-45"(W) x 8.7"(D) x 5.5"(H)
Function: Raise your computer screen to a comfortable sight level.
adv. 1: Our bottom storage space is much wider than the normal Monitor Stand, it can hold a standard size keyboard! Full width 22.6in = More Storage Space.
adv. 2: The white finish is matched with gray cloth drawers. It gives a fresh feeling, making your workspace not boring and monotonous.
Computer Monitor Stand

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