New Chicago Floating Wall Shelf, White, 23.5"L x 9.25"D x 2"T

New Chicago Floating Shelf refers to the 2" thick floating wall shelf, is the improved edition of Chicago Floating Shelf, you can also call her "White Chicago Floating Shelf", because this series is only white. Made from wood (Medium Density Fiberboard) in white spray painted finish, with its sleek straight lines, smooth and waterproof surface, hidden bracket hanging system, this shelf adds character and elegance to your home. Available in various lengths, 24 inches, 36 inches, 48 inches and 60 inches, including solid hardware that makes this shelf easy to install in few minutes and highly functional. It is deal for displaying decorative home accessories, books, vases, photo frames and so much more.
- Material : Wood
- Color available : White
- Approx. Dimension : 23.5"L x 9.25"D x 2"H
- Item Weight : 6 lb
- Approximate Weight Capacity : 30 lb
- Craft work : White Spray Painted Finish 
- Suitable for : living room,bedroom,study room,kitchen and so on.
Easy Install:
new chicago floating shelves white floating wall shelf display shelf white long floating shelf
  • Installation instructions
  • Easy to install in 15 minutes
  • No visible screws, connectors, or tracks

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