Lexington Globe Cross Display Wall Shelf, 29.5"L x 29.5"D x 4.25"T

by Welland

Lexington wall shelf offers a grid storage system for your family rooms or offices.
The cross shape adds a classic element to your home decor.
No visible screws,connectors,or tracks, it appears to literally float, attached to the wall by an unknown force.
You'll never worry that there's no place in your home where you can put your favorite items.
You'll never worry about your items out of order.
You'll never worry about your damaged wall again.
It is a perfect size for perfume, cosmetics, toiletries, collectibles, photo frame, little mementos, books, collectibles, CD' and knick-knacks.

- Material: MDF
- Color: White, Espresso
- Approx. Dimension: Approx. Dimension: 29.5’’ L x 29.5’’ D x 4.25’’ T (75 x 75 x 10.8 cm)

 Shipping List: 
-1 x Shelf  
-1 x Instructions 
-2 x Screws
-2 x Wall Anchors

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