Collapsible Kitchen Colander / Strainer & Bambooo Cutting Board

  • COLLAPSIBLE KITCHEN COLANDER- works great for washing fruits and veggies as well as dumping hot liquids for straining such as pasta
  • EXTRA LARGE CUTTING BOARD-Provides space for heavy-duty vegetable chopping, slicing fruits, and cutting meat. High-quality bamboo resists knife scaring and warping
  • KITCHEN SET- Includes 1 pc Collapsible Kitchen Colander / Strainer and 1 pc Extra Large Bamboo Cutting Board
  • COLANDER- Made from non-toxic materials, BPA free and fully FDA approved for consumer health & safety
  • APPROXIMATE SIZES- COLLAPSIBLE KITCHEN COLANDER: 11.5-Inch x 9.25-Inch x 1.25-Inch; CUTTING BOARD measures 18 in x 12 in x 3/4 in and weighs 3.1 lbs

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