Colander Collapsible/Over The Sink Colander/Silicone Colander (Green&White)

by Welland
  • Designed Specifically For Kitchen With Limited Space: Our colander collapsible is easily popped up or pushed flat with no effort. It takes up less space than a traditional colander and can slides into any available space. After collapsing, the depth is less than 2". It's about the size of a small cookie sheet in overall dimensions.
  • Do Not Stuck: Food doesn't get stuck at the top of the rim like metal ones.
  • 6-Quart Capacity: This colander collapsible silicone has large capacity and holds a ton of food at once.
  • Adjustable Arms: Our colander collapsible over the sink has adjustable arms which make it easy to fit over any size sink.
  • High Quality And Durable Safety: This colander collapsible over the sink is BPA free and fully FDA approved for consumer health & safety and Dishwasher safe.
  • Approximate weight capacity:for 17 inch -20 lb

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