2 Thickness Mission Floating Wall Shelf,approx 24 inch Length, White

by Welland
Sold out
MORE STURDINESS. Hold the weight up to approximate 30 lbs. Wall anchors made from metal instead of plastic that increase the sturdiness,honeycomb board structure is strong enough, when installed properly
CONCEALED METAL MOUNTING BRACKET.The shelf becomes one with the wall,as if floating.Better than other seller's cheap shelf.
CONTEMPORARY IN STYLE. Buy two or three together to fill an empty wall space,ideal for corner placement and display functional items like kitchen items, books or children's stuffed animals
DIMENSIONS: approximate 2"T x 9 1/4"D x 23 3/4"L. It is thicker than other shelf of 1 1/4" or 1 1/2", can holds much more items.The depth is more practicaler than others
ASSMEBLY INSTRUCTION is included.Easy to install in 15 minutes; no visible screws, connectors, or tracks

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